Mother's Day Baton Rouge

How To Celebrate Mother’s Day in Baton Rouge

Mother's Day is an incredible opportunity to show appreciation for those who brought us into the world. Their unrelenting love, attention, and sacrifice have always bestowed security upon us. Who could be more responsible for the human we have become? 

This article provides ideas for this upcoming Mother’s Day in Baton Rouge, whether you are in town, nearby, or across the country. No matter the distance, there are many excellent and creative options to show Mom how much you care. We hope these ideas will be of value to you. 


Tips For Writing An Amazing Mother's Day Card 

A great Mother's Day card should be heartfelt. Creating a personalized touch to the card is the first place to start. This sounds self-explanatory, but take some time; the words will flow faster than you think. Here are several points to consider when wording your text. 

  • Compliment your mother, including her strengths and what you appreciate most; even reach outside the box. 
  • Show her that you have a semblance and understanding of who she is and her values. 
  • Try to include fond memories and small tidbits of laughter or inside jokes. 

Your mother's recollection of events in your life often held a profoundly different value. Portray her as an esteemed inspiration in your life and try to convey gratitude for all the positivity she has brought. Finally, don’t forget to express your feelings. Even the most straightforward words are the most important. Consider how often you convey love, admiration, and true sentiment to those around you. Find yourself in the right mindset; it will remain a simple process.


Mother’s Day Brunch At These Local Gems

Elsie's Plate and Pie Baton Rouge

Mother’s Day brunch is a joyous gathering to celebrate and honor our beloved mothers. You could make a wonderful brunch at home, but why not start the day at one of these Baton Rouge brunch gems? 

We recommend the Triple Threat Benedict from Mason’s Grill, where you get three different Louisiana-style benedicts. If your desire is upscale, peruse the seafood-based fine dining of Beausoleil Coastal Cuisine. With unique dishes ranging from crab cake benedicts, lobster waffles, and Orleans-style barbeque shrimp and grits, there is something for that seafood lover in your life. Rounding out a good morning would include Elsie’s Plate and Pie. With many decadent sweets to brighten the morning, menu items include a crawfish and queso omelet or the famous sweet and savory breakfast burger. With so many great choices, the morning is your mother’s oyster.

Get Her A Massage At One of These Fantastic Baton Rouge Spas

If a day of relaxation is something that your mother craves, consider spa treatment as a generous gift. The Woodhouse in the high-end Grove district is a great spot to look into. With full hydro-facial treatments, warm stone massages, and various beverages to add to the whole experience. Another fabulous spa specializing in terrific massage techniques is The Retreat, specializing in a vast assortment of treatments and pampering packages. The credentials surrounding The Retreat have boasted the Best in Business award for the last seven years. Both of the above spas offer gift cards so that you can surprise Mom on her special day.


Take Her To A Local Famers Market in The Area

Farmers Market

Suppose you need another fantastic idea and have time for a day trip. Try a leisurely walk through a local farmers market to explore your community's sights, smells, and general ambiance. Whether you would like to stock up on fresh, timely-picked produce, sample local honey jams, or indulge in the season's current flora and fauna, farmer's markets are the way to go. The people-watching is in full swing as you meander casually through the various samples and tastings at the booths. 

Capital City farmers' markers are another quaint and relaxing way to capture those precious moments with Mom this year. Here is a guide to discovering Famer’s markets through the Baton Rouge region. Always remember to wear sunscreen at the farmers' market, as the Louisiana sun is very strong and can lead to dangerous falls


If You Are Out Of Town, Send Flowers From A Local Florist 

If you cannot attend Mother's Day, sending flowers is always a heartfelt idea. To send an extraordinary arrangement, look no further than Billy Heromans. With a jaw-dropping number of floral options, you will find one that will fit your Mom's fancy. Delivery is always an option, but be sure to get a jump on the masses to ensure a timely arrival.



It is never too early to start planning an excursion with Mom. Don’t let the Mother’s Day holiday sneak up on you this year. Hopefully, the above article has given you some ideas and motivation to prepare for this year's holiday. Remember to make Mom feel as remarkable as she has done for you.

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We are looking forward to meeting your family!