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Caring for patients with Alzheimer’s disease can be complex, but there are certain areas that should be the focus. Those areas may include your loved one’s safety, medication reminders, emotional support and support for family.  In addition to these areas, our team of caregivers also provide companion services such as helping with supervision, recreational activities or visiting friends or family. They also help with personal care services such as assisting with bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, exercising or other personal care. Lastly, our team of caregivers are here to assist your loved one with homemaker services such as assisting with housekeeping, shopping, meal preparation, short-term care, or even around-the-clock care. We also make recommendations on fall prevention to keep your loved one safe and out of the emergency room. 

Caring for Dementia Patients is a Different Process than Normal Home Care

Caring for dementia patients is often a challenge for caregivers, our team of skilled and compassionate caregivers will assist you in navigating the daily care needs of your loved one. The complexity of the disease often contributes to family members and healthcare professionals’ burnout. Dementia is a progressive disorder of some functions of the brain, and most patients demonstrate memory loss and impaired judgment.

People who have dementia experience difficulty performing an activity of daily living. The inability to complete certain tasks often leads to frustration. Some of the symptoms that patients with dementia exhibit are difficulty processing new information. For example, short term memory deficit, trouble with speech, self-care and inability to recognize objects and people.

Dementia is not part of normal aging, but it is rather common in the geriatric population. Caring for patients living with dementia requires patience and knowledge about the disease process. Additionally, there are many forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. Thus our caregivers are trained at the differences between various forms of memory loss. 

Personalized Memory Care Plan

Person-centered care is establishing a care plan that is centered on the specifics of the client.  At Home Care of Louisiana's goal always to co-author the care plan with the family to ensure the highest standards of personalized in-home senior care.  We gather this information through our home care assessment process.  During an assessment, members of our team will come to the home, hospital or facility to visit with the client and family. This is our opportunity to learn the client’s needs, expectation of care, what has been successful in the past and what we should expect in the future. This time allows us to ensure that we are able to pair the perfect caregiver with your loved one.  We will also use this time to begin building rapport and a relationship with the client and/or family. Contact us today for a free home care assessment

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