Companion Care for Senior in Baton Rouge

For seniors living independently, there may be a time when living alone may require companion care. Our Companion care services are designed to help seniors lead safe, independent, and enriched lives.

What is Companion Care?

Living alone increases the risks of depression and other health issues for older Americans. In addition, the pandemic we have faced has created isolation from family and friends for our seniors at home. Most of us are unable to be there all the time for aging loved ones who want to be independent. One option for improving their quality of life is companion care.

Some circumstances where companion care may be helpful are if seniors feel isolated from their friends and family or need more social interaction, or feelings of depression, increased forgetfulness or other cognitive issues, having trouble with daily activities or need for transportation to appointments and needing help with medication reminders. Companion care improves the quality of life for those who need it and ensures that they remain safely and independently in the comfort of their home. It is important to note, companion care is different than personal care because you cannot touch the patient. 


The primary role of a companion is to offer social and emotional support. Companions may also offer home care services, like meal preparation and light housekeeping. They can run errands together, taking the senior grocery shopping, to the salon or barber, to doctor appointments or social events. They can also run errands if the senior cannot go out.

Our Companion Care services include:

  • Caring companionship and conversation
  • Help with hobbies
  • Scrapbooking & games
  • Gardening
  • Sports & news
  • General shopping and errands
  • Transportation and appointments
  • Assistance with pet care
  • Reminder services (medications, dates, routines, etc.)
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Fall prevention recommendations
  • Errands (prescription pick-up, dry cleaning, etc.)
  • Grocery shopping
  • Home safety evaluation
  • Short-Term care

Our goal of providing companion care is to provide social and emotional support to seniors living alone. The companion can also help with daily activities, like running errands or accompanying the seniors when they go shopping. Our caregivers are also trained in memory care, helping to support individuals with Alzheimer's or dementia

Companions may come every day, a few times a week, or just for weekly visits. The care schedule is customized for the individual based on your needs.

Matching Your Loved One to the Right Caregiver

We are passionate about matching our clients and caregivers and building new friendships in the process. Some of the factors we assess in determining a caregiver that will be the best fit for your needs are your medical and physical needs, personality preferences, your interests and hobbies, pets, and the things you enjoy doing on a daily basis. Our ultimate goal is to match a caregiver who will exceed your expectations and provide an enriching companion care experience for you. Your elderly loved one might also need 24-hour care or short-term care. We can evaluate how much support they actually need.

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