Providing Respite Care in Louisiana

After a medical procedure, the first few weeks of recovery can be challenging.  Between having multiple medications, recovery pain, physical or occupational therapy or just needing extra help with daily activities, life after surgery can become overwhelming. It is important to make sure that the transition to living at home goes as smoothly and as safe as possible.

Having the right caregiver in your home during this time gives you peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one’s needs are being taken care of.  Even if you are just looking for short-term companion care in the Baton Rouge area our care professionals are focused on your well-being and most importantly, your safety. Our short-term care services will also allow the family caregiver or spouse to tend to their own care needs.

Before the discharge from the hospital, our team will seek the information needed from your doctor/social worker/discharge planner to ensure that you will get the best quality care there is for returning home.  We use this information along with client/family input to co-author a custom care plan designed for your unique needs.  We understand how hard it can be to handle this process on your own, so having someone you can trust can make these challenging times much easier.

At Home Care of Louisiana will come and visit with you before your procedure or even in the hospital, while still following COVID-19 guidelines.  We will co-author a care plan with the client and/or the family of the client to ensure the needs of post recovery care are being met.  We can work collectively with your hospital discharge to ensure a seamless transition of care from the hospital to your home. 

In addition to post operative care, our care team with At Home Care of Louisiana fully understands the pressures and stress that providing long-term care for a loved one can involve. Sometimes the opportunity to take a short break or even a holiday can make a huge difference.

With respite care, one of our care professionals are able to step in to care for your loved one while you have a break. This may involve anything from companionship, cooking, cleaning, personal care, medication reminders or more complex support for special conditions.


The Benefits of Temporary Caregiving

The length of care and type of respite care required will depend on your particular circumstances. Whatever your needs, our respite care service is tailored to you and your family and can be arranged at short notice if required. Some of the benefits of temporary care for your loved one are:

  • Family support, allowing for elderly adults and clients with disabilities, post surgery or chronic illness to remain in the comfort of home.
  • Respite care services may be tailored to meet the needs of the client and caregiver.
  • In-home respite care can be more cost-effective than off-site options for your loved ones.
  • Family can safely and confidently leave the home for a day, or a few days, for any reason and know that their loved one’s needs are being met.
  • Respite care allows caregivers time to focus on other family members—from planning a night out with a partner, to attending children’s extracurricular activities or taking a getaway family weekend.
  • Some insurance plans, such as long-term care policies or disability coverage, may provide for in-home respite care for a period of time.
  • Respite care providers can often give caregivers guidance with procedures at home, such as suggesting ways to ease personal care, remember medication, and fall prevention tips.
  • Respite care providers can also provide emotional relief for caregivers, helping to “lift the load” by simply listening and being there.
  • Respite care can help families better understand the nuances between Alzheimer's and dementia

When is Respite Care Most Needed

The demands of providing intermittent or 24/7 care can be physically and emotionally draining for caregivers, especially if they are caring for and individual with memory loss. When caregivers have time to care for themselves, they can better care for others. Without breaks to maintain their own mental and physical wellness, caregivers can become sick or experience burnout. Taking a walk or exercising, playing golf or tennis, getting a massage or a manicure, meeting a friend for lunch, shopping, and even crossing errands off a list can help caregivers feel refreshed and ready to renew the routine of care.

Our short-term care offers the same long-term care benefits many of our clients enjoy but in shorter duration. Your schedule and hours can easily be adjusted according to your specific ever-changing care needs.  We also offer respite care to families that are seeking a short-term care solution for you or a loved one. We want your life after surgery to be as close as possible as to what it was before. Life after surgery can be tough, and we are here to help. Our overall goal as a company, is to provide excellent care, support you through the recovery process, and to help rebuild your overall health.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact us or give us a call at 225-256-7804.

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