Labor Day Baton Rouge

Celebrating Labor Day And The Top Industries In Baton Rouge

The Mississippi River town of Baton Rouge serves as the state capital, representing the heart and soul of southeastern Louisiana culture and history. As summer ends and Labor Day falls upon us, we relish the opportunity to honor the individuals who built this great city through grind and grit. This annual holiday celebrates the contributions and achievements of Louisiana workers across various industries. Below is a detailed list of the top sectors in Baton Rouge, the second-largest city in Louisiana. 

Petrochemical Industry

Baton Rouge has a rich history of producing some of the nation's top petrochemicals, including oil and natural gas. With over 120 petrochemical companies in East Baton Rouge Parish, this lucrative industry employs thousands of workers as testing operators, technicians, geologists, and engineers, among others. In fact, the first refinery constructed in Louisiana was in Baton Rouge in 1909, and today is the largest oil refinery in North America. Historically, workers from all over the state would come to Baton Rouge to work in the petrochemical industry, a high-income and reliable industry for Louisianans. 

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State and Government Jobs

As the state capital, Baton Rouge has many government and state career opportunities. Government encompasses numerous sectors such as administration, education, finance, and law enforcement. Despite recessions, hurricanes, and pandemics, these southeastern Louisiana state jobs have historically been stable and reliable. Baton Rouge has been Louisiana's staple of public service since its inception in 1812.  

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University (LSU) was founded in 1860 in Pineville, Louisiana, approximately 112 miles from Baton Rouge. However, in 1886, LSU relocated to a former military post in Baton Rouge, the state capital. Since then, LSU has led the nation in academics and athletics, affording numerous career opportunities for professors, administration, and coaches. The vibrant student life also supports countless restaurants, bars, and shopping near campus. 

Agriculture Industry

Agriculture has long been integral to the Baton Rouge economy and workforce, helping to support rural communities. Baton Rouge’s unique geography is perfect for growing sugarcane, cotton, tobacco, grains, beans, peas, potatoes, and melons. Baton Rouge also has the ideal climate for tree nuts, berries, and figs. Although much of the agriculture in Louisiana has become commercialized, many local farms still support thousands of workers and families. Here is a list of local farms in southeast Louisiana you can visit to support local agriculture workers. 


As of August 15th, reported by 225 Magazine, Baton Rouge grew 4.4% over the past year, which federal data shows as the eighth-most among the nation’s 100 largest metros. Population and urban growth require infrastructure, fueling the construction industry in Baton Rouge. Projects like bridges, roads, water treatment, damns, and parks require professional construction companies for completion. Consequently, the recent growth has stimulated the construction industry, making it a top-five sector in Baton Rouge

How to Celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day is often undervalued and overlooked because it doesn’t have the glitz, glamor, costumes, and bright lights as some of our other beloved American holidays. That being said, when you delve into the meaning of Labor Day, it’s easy to see why it’s so critical for American society. Labor Day is an opportunity to support workers’ rights, workplace injustices, fair wages, safe working conditions, and equal opportunities. 

Labor is often celebrated with family and friends, like Memorial Day. However, we recommend taking a different twist on this summer holiday. For a change, try scheduling a barbeque or outing with colleagues and co-workers. How often do you spend time with team members outside the office? Take off the work stressors, kick back with a burger and cold beverage, and enjoy each other’s company outside the workplace!