Grandparents and Grandchildren

How to Spend Time With Grandparents During the Holiday Season

It's important to spend as much time with our grandparents as possible. Unfortunately, life can get in the way, and we fail to prioritize them. Below are several tips from our staff here at At Home Care of Louisiana on making this the perfect holiday season for grandma and grandpa. We hope this inspires you to cherish, love, and honor your elderly loved ones, always. If you are looking for senior care in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, please contact us today for a free care assessment. 

The Gift of Giving

Sure, anyone can give a gift, but the question is can you give one that lights up the receiver’s soul?  The first thing you should consider is the nature of your relationship with your grandparents. You may have shared wonderful memories or bonded over some commonality. There are also different occasions which dictate what type of present should be given. Sure, it’s the holiday season, but perhaps they recently had a birthday or anniversary. It’s always the thought behind the gift you chose that counts the most. 

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Watch Old Home Videos Together

Home videos are a fantastic way to relive our shared moments. While watching, there may be memories you may have forgotten. And truth be told, when was the last time you watched those home videos anyways. What fun it will be to see grandma and grandpa’s faces light up with joy! It’s important to remember many seniors suffer from social isolation, so spending time recounting memories of old is a way to make them feel wanted and appreciated. It will be a reminder that we are still making memories!

Tour of Lights

Watching Christmas lights go off in sequence is a tradition many people enjoy. When we were kids, we used to love coming up with creative ways to put up our own decorations, spend hours trying to figure out how to make them work, and watch them all light up at once! Take your elderly loved ones on a tour of holiday lights around the town. It’s truly remarkable how much time, effort, and meaning people put into their Christmas decorations. If your grandparents are active and still able to walk around, what better way to get some exercise. If they have mobility restrictions, take them on a stroll in the car.  Either way, they’ll love and cherish you taking them out. 

Bake a Dessert Together

Baking is a fun hobby. It can also be a great way to spend time with the people you love. Make sure you and your grandparents perform the whole process together, from deciding on the receipt, going to the grocery store, and, of course, baking. In Italian, a tavola non si invecchia means “you don't get old at the table.” When sharing a holiday meal with your elderly loved ones, it feels like time has stopped. 

Ask Them What They Want To Do

We live in a world where everything is a distraction. From our cell phones to advertisements, something is trying to capture your attention everywhere you look. It can be challenging to really hear what others are saying with all the noise. There’s no better way to find out what would make the holidays special than simply asking your grandparents what they wish to do.  Listening is not just about hearing what people say, but it’s also about trying to understand their feelings, as well. 


We hope this article inspires you to make your elderly loved ones’ holiday season the best yet! Put the phone away, turn your out-of-office notification on, and focus on being present with your whole family. We promise you won’t regret it! If you are looking for home care in Baton Rouge, please contact us today for a free care assessment.  We are excited to meet you and your family.  Happy holidays!