Thanksgiving Grandparents

Ways To Show Gratitude To Grandparents on Thanksgiving

Capture the true essence of Thanksgiving by reflecting on the people in your life you are grateful for. Perhaps our most overlooked loved ones are our grandparents, as we often don’t prioritize them in our daily lives. Put your grandma and grandpa first this Thanksgiving by finding fun and meaningful ways to show them you care. Below, we have gathered a list of ideas to express your love and admiration. We hope this article inspires you to start planning an extra special turkey day for the elderly loved ones in your life. 

Prepare the Thanksgiving Feast Together

With a large group gathering for the holiday, preparing enough food for everyone can become overwhelming, especially if grandma and grandpa are hosting. We can express a thoughtful contribution of gratitude by applying the extra effort of helping prepare the holiday meal. Cooking and baking allow us to spend quality time together and provide the opportunity to learn cherished family recipes from green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. This Thanksgiving, let's embrace the opportunity to show gratitude by stepping into the kitchen and helping grandma and grandpa prepare a heartwarming feast they’ll never forget. 

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Prepare Thanksgiving Decorations Together

Preparing a warm and enjoyable environment for the family to gather helps create a splendid mood for the grandparents on Thanksgiving. Show grandma and grandpa appreciation by cleaning the dining room, preparing the dinner table, and placing Thanksgiving decorations around the home. Everyone will enjoy this heart-warming holiday when the dining room table and house are appropriately decorated. 

Give Them a Handwritten Letter and Thanksgiving Card

Thanksgiving provides the perfect opportunity to express gratitude towards grandma and grandpa for all they have done in our lives. Heartfelt letters and Thanksgiving holiday cards show appreciation in the most meaningful way to our beloved grandparents. Try writing a sincere message of thanks and gratitude by recalling old memories from the past. This will surely put a smile on their faces!

Thanksgiving Family Activities 

One significant way to make grandma and grandpa feel special and grateful on Thanksgiving is having the whole family not only together but interacting with each other in a fun way. Whether playing catch with Grandpa before dinner or creating a puzzle with Grandma and relatives afterward, engaging as a family is vital, especially for grandparents who often don’t get to spend time with their grandkids. Having the children and adults together for games and decorations makes everyone feel included and loved. 

Take a Post-Dinner Stroll

Thanksgiving is notorious for stuffing ourselves full of tryptophan and falling asleep on the couch. One clever way to keep grandma and grandpa’s energy levels up between the meal and dessert is to stroll around the neighborhood. There is no better time to walk with the colorful leaves changing and crisp autumn air. There is truly something magical about the hues of reds, yellows, and orange foliage falling from the trees overhead. Remember, if grandma or grandpa had a little too much Thanksgiving wine, kindly take their arm while walking. Dangerous falls are common among the elderly.


We hope this article inspired you to put your elderly loved ones first this Thanksgiving. The true spirit of Thanksgiving is meant for more than just one day in November. Rather, we should strive to find a daily practice of gratitude. Many people struggle to achieve this. One easy thing you can do is focus on others instead of yourself. Practice celebrating and honoring family members who provide you with a warm and loving feeling inside.

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